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Nov 10, 2012 at 09:11 PM

Delimit operation on IT 1001 using SAP_PD service in HCM P & F design time



My question is regarding SAP_PD service to be configured in the design time of HCM process and forms framework.

I have been trying to delimit an existing bidirectional custom relationship(constraint 2) between an Org unit and position having end date 31/12/9999, with effect on effective date.. For this i have tried using the change operation on IT1001, without using any binding to begda and endda fields of P1001, against each object in SAP_PD service with SOBID, SCLAS, OBJID, OTYPE fields of P1001 bound to their existing values. This is similar to the single direction relationship delimt mentioned in sample form scenario : S_HR_PD_DELIMIT_POS_ASSIGNMENT

But as the result of this the record which was valid from date1 to 31/12/9999 gets split into

a). date1 To effective date - 1 and

b). effective date To 31/12/9999

The record b). created above is not desired. How can this be achieved ?

I have also tried using delete operation on IT 1001 with the following settings under each of the 2 related objects in SAP_PD service

P1001-begda = effective date value

P1001-endda = 31/12/9999

SOBID, SCLAS, OBJID, OTYPE fields of P1001 were assigned to their exisitng values

but this design shows error at check and send stating that the record with the specified key does not exist and hence cannot be deleted.

Can anyone guide me how to achieve the desired delimit operation using SAP_PD service.