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Nov 10, 2012 at 08:07 AM

Smartforms - Change output options - Spool request title



I am new to Smartforms, and would like to do small change to an existing Z-Smartforms:

--> The spool request name should be the Handling Unit number printed on the Handling Unit label

For printing I use the following SCM-EWM standard method: /SCWM/CL_WM_PACKING->PRINT_HU_LABEL

The mentioned method does not have an import parameter for printer settings...

I would like, to change the spool attributes dynamically within the Smartforms. Therefore I tried, to channge the spool request name, by changing the value of the following structures.

Form Interface > Import > OUTPUT_OPTIONS (TDTITLE, TDCOVTITLE, ...)

Form Interface > Import > USER_SETTINGS

Form Interface > Export > JOB_OUTPUT_OPTIONS (RQPOSNAME, ... )

Firstly I used a Form Routine, in Global Definitions --> Initialization --> Form Routines. <-- It does not work.

Secondly I wrote the little coding to an existing Program Line element.

But any attempt hasn't worked!

Does somebody have an idea, how to change the spool attributes dynamically, within the Smartforms coding.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,