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Nov 09, 2012 at 10:30 AM

Planned cost in subcontracting operation


Hi Experts,

In subcontracting operation, some infrormations in 'External' tab of operation gets picked up automatically from info record upon entering material no., material group & vendor. With this information, 'Price' also comes from info record. If I change the price in 'External' tab and run 'Determone cost' to calculate plan cost for the order, system is ignoring entered price for the operation & determining plan price which is present in the info record.

Also once info record is determined, it cannot be removed.

Is this standard behaviour?

What if I want to enter different price other than the info record price?

One way is to change the price every time in the info record. Is there any other way to change the price from Maintenance order?

Any comments would be appreciated.