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Former Member
Jul 23, 2005 at 02:29 PM

help in the abap code


select distinct jhagainserent jhagaregulierer jhaga~avm_nr

jhagaref_vbeln jhakknumv into

corresponding fields of table bodyitab

from jhaga inner join jhak on jhaga~avm_nr =

jhakavm_nr where jhagainserent = p_advnum and

jhaga~fakdatum in r_datum.

write: 'the query is working'.

select knumv kschl kbetr kwert

from konv

into table cdata

for all entries in bodyitab

where konv~knumv = bodyitab-knumv.

I am getting the error in this line.....

loop at cdata into wac where knumv = bodyitab-knumv.

It is not comparing the condition out here.

Thanks in advance.