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Nov 09, 2012 at 04:29 AM

VL10H - collective delivery processing using background option


Hi All,

In VL10H screen I select a sales order line items to create the deliveries using abckground option.

But I want to comapre the sales order schedule line qty (confirmed qty) Vs delivery qty (LFIMG) before save the delivery.

(Please note: some time after saving the sales order, there is a possibility where another sales order could have use that stock), then the first sales order may not have enough stock to create delivery (ie partial delivery)

if the delivery qty is different to confirmed qty, then I want to write an error into the VL10H error log and stop saving the delivery for that sales order line.

if the schedule line qty is same as delivery qty (LIPS-LFIMG), then VL10h should save the delivery without error.

How can I handle that checking in VL10h... what is the user-exit/Routine/BAdi should use for that..

is there a flag to stop creating delivery ?

if you can send me the samlpe ABAP code that would be help full.