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Jul 22, 2005 at 09:11 PM



Hi All,

I am trying to create a BDC program and here is the scenario

1. There is a custom transaction code I use to pull up Screen1. Screen1 is an input screen; where I use a variant to fill in the input screen and then click "Execute". This takes me to Screen2.

2. In screen2...which is like a file explorer; I right click on the folder, which displays the a set of upto 15 reports I can execute. I select a one report and execute.

All the above 2 steps are done in a BDC coming to the question.

In the BDC Transaction Recorder...the fields are filled something like this...

Program: program name

Screen: 0100

Startid = X

BDC_OKCODE is =%_GC 119 36

If I repeat the 1 & 2 steps as mentioned above and select the same report the BDC_OKCODE jumps up by 7 i.e.

BDC_OKCODE is %_GC 126 36

If I run the report in the batch mode, how will I know if it picks the right report since the value is always changing.

Thank you