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Jul 22, 2005 at 08:21 PM

MVC: Using m_parent to access model instances


In my main controller I use do_init( ) to create my model instances and hope to access them via me->m_parent and its m_models attribute in my sub_controllers. I want to do this without having to create instances in every sub_controller's do_request, do_handle_event, etc.

DO_REQUEST of sub_controller

data: main_model type ref to cl_bsp_model,

main type ref to cl_bsp_controller2,

test type string.

main ?= me->m_parent.

main_model = main->get_model( 'plmMain' ).


test = main_model->test. "test = attribute in the model.


Everything I need is available is there at runtime however, I can't compile it! I have figured out how to handle this if I create an instance:

data: main type ref to cl_bsp_controller2,

model type ref to zcl_pmfront_m_obj,

det_model type ref to zcl_pmfront_m_det,

table_event type ref to cl_htmlb_event_tableview,

rowselection type i.

main ?= m_parent.


if htmlb_event is bound and htmlb_event->server_event = 'myequnr'.

table_event ?= htmlb_event.

rowselection = table_event->rowselection.

model ?= main->get_model( 'mo' ).

det_model ?= main->get_model( 'md' ).

det_model->sel_event = 'myequnr'.

det_model->sel_equnr = model->zget_selected_equnr(

row = rowselection ).


But this is undesireable because we have to create instances and hardcode the class name into each and every controller method.

I know about storing model instances in an application class, but we shouldn't have to create instances every time we want access to a model in a sub_controller.

I would appreciate any advice on this matter and can provide any additional code if my problem isn't clear. Thanks in advance.