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Former Member
Jul 22, 2005 at 04:47 PM

File repositories over WAN links, VERY slow!


We are trying to use KM to create a uniform access to our network shares over the internet. The shares work. The files on servers on the same subnet of the portal show up within a few seconds. But, when accessing files that are across a WAN link, a full T-1, it will take 3 or more minutes for the listing to show. The same happens when you start to drill down in the directories.

Could it be possible that it is downloading every file in that repository in a temp file before it is sent to the client? I check network activity when the request is made and there is traffic between the portal and the file server on the other side of the WAN. All I want to do is browse the directory, it shouldn't take that long just to browse.

Has anyone else do repositories over WAN links? I am using W2KSecurityManager as well, and yes, permissions work fine.

Any insight would be appreciated.