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Nov 07, 2012 at 08:01 PM

GATP RBA Location Determination - chain of stock transfers



Does anyone know if it is possible to generate a chain of stock transfers via location determination within Rules based ATP?

For example, consider a chain of three warehouses A, B and C:

  • Transportation lanes as A --> B --> C. There is no transportation lane A -->C
  • That is, direct stock transfers from A to C are not allowed. Stock transfers from A to C must go via B i.e. A--> B-->
  • Sales Orders are received at Warehouse C

The requirement is that when a sales order is received, if there is insuficient stock at C, then GATP looks at location B. When there is insufficient stock in B, it looks further to location A and then creates stock transfers as below:

  • Stock transfer A --> B
  • Stock tranfer B -->C

Using location determination, I have been able to get stock transfers from locations A and B, but directly to C i.e. A-->C and B--> C, but not A-->B-->C.

Has anyone come across such a scenario? Any help would be welcome.