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Jul 22, 2005 at 01:53 PM

IPC:How to get ITM_TYPE val in java PricingExit?


hi friends,

I have to write a requirement formula in the pricingexit of IPC. I need the value of item type (Item Category) of a CRM document. However i can't find any methods like

"getItemType" or something like that.

Does anybody know how to get the value of item category of an item of a CRM document ?

Or as an alternative way of reaching the same item type value :

does anybody know the way to add new attributes coming from CRM to IPC? i may add a new field in pricing (ZZITM_TYPE)and fill it in the pricing BADIs of CRM system. After that, I may read the value of ZZITM_TYPE in the IPC pricingexit under

public boolean checkRequirement(IConditionFindingManagerUserExit item,

IStep step, int reqNo) {

switch (reqNo) {

case 911:

// how to read the value of item category of

// an item of a CRM document(bussiness transaction)

// right here ??


thanks in advance for your interest and valuable help.

Mehmet Karasu

Arista Consulting