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Jul 22, 2005 at 01:34 PM

Initial load of inventory level from csv - double datarows in query


Hello everybody,

a query result shown in a web browser seems strange to me and I would be very glad, if anyone can give me some advice how to solve the problem. As I do not think that it is related to the query, I posted it into this forum.

The query refers to an InfoCube for inventory management with a single non-cumulative key figure and two other cumulative key figures for increase and decrease of inventory. The time reference characteristic is 0CALDAY. The initial load has been processed reading from a flat file (CSV), the structure looks like this:

Product group XXX

Day 20040101

Quantity 1000

Increase 0

Decrease 0

Unit ST

The initial load runs fine, the system fills all the record sets into the InfoCube. Unfortunately I do not know how to look at the records written into the cube, because only the cumulative key figures are shown in InfoCube-> Manage-> Contents.

Well, when executing the query, a really simple one, the result is just strange, because somehow there are now two rows for each product group with different dates, one with the 1st of January, 2004 and the other for the 31st of December, 2003 containing both 1000 units. The sum is 2000.

It became more confusing, when I loaded the data for increase and decrease: now the quantities and sums are correct, but the date of the initial load is a few days later than before, the data table in the query does not contain the 1st of January.

Does anybody know, what I did wrong or where there is information about how to perform an initial load of inventory from csv in a better way?

Kind regards