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Nov 06, 2012 at 09:29 PM

Can you avoid Blank *MVAL columns overwriting data



Is it possible to load data from flat file into BPC using the *MVAL function for multiple time periods, where some time periods (historical ones) have blank cells, but do not overwrite the data?

In my tests, blank cells are overwriting data in the system with zeros, but I want it to preserve the data.

I have tested this by doing;

  1. Load data for January to December (12 periods) - value 100
  2. Check in reporting - confirmed 100
  3. Edit CSV to remove January to July, leave cells blank. Update August to end of year to value 150
  4. Save, upload and run package on new CSV
  5. Check reports - January to July data has 0, August to end of year has 150;

What I have tried so far;

  • SKIPIF=NULL in the transformation file - this doesn't work

The other option is that users have to provide the data in a different format - 1 record per row, which is very undesirable as the finance users don't have it in this format already. An option but undesirable.

Any sharing of experience would be much appreciated,



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