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Jul 22, 2005 at 11:42 AM

Scenario-1 Step by Step Procedure



Can any one give Easy Steps to work with Sceanrio-1, Just to maintain version of java file.

As far as i Know

There's a Superadmin, apart from this there is one userID with this i will crete DTR client (Say client-1), crete a folder structure,workspace,java file and checkin to the DTR Server as mentioned in this URL Scenario-1

Now to modify the checked in file do i need User-2 (UserID), or can i crete DTR client (Say DTR Client-2) sync the contents into local directory.

From how do you go ahead.. Till the last step build and deploy.

Where can i see the version 1.0 when i checkin first time,and once after modification and check in will it change to version 2.0.(I don't have clear cut understanding about Activities)

Correct me if i am wrong,