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Jul 22, 2005 at 10:56 AM

Software Configuration and Change Management for ABAP


Hi all,

we developed an ABAP application with about 10 developers and shipped it to Customer A.

Then we do corrections and enhancements for a new Customer B. But then Customer A finds bugs in his shipped version, which is not the current version on our development system.

Now a lot of time is wasted debugging the current version and finding out why the bug is there in the shipped version A but not in the current version.

So its difficult and timeconsuming to manage those different versions of the same application for different customers.

This effort increases with each new customer dramatically.

The ABAP workbench only knows linear versioning of single ABAP objects like report, function module or class.

Now the question:

Is there a standard transaction or external ABAP software that supports such a Software Configuration & Change Managment, i.e. allows tagging, branching, maintaining multiple development branches, allows running transactions and reports of older revisions, etc. like so many non-SAP/ABAP SCCMs like CVS, Bitkeeper, Subversion or Monotone do in the OpenSource world?

I found one called Conigma from Galileo Group, but am wondering if there are others, or whether there is someone having used such a tool.