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Nov 06, 2012 at 09:34 AM

MFN1 - Cannot Execute ML Error


Dear All,

We wanted to Zero out the balances in production cost
Centers and charge the actual activity rate to production orders. While executing
MFN1 – Revaluation of production orders, I am getting the following error and
couldn’t proceed further. We are using material ledger but to Zero out the
balances in Production cost centers MFN1 execution is must, please help me
resolve this issue.

Error: “Production order
with an actual activity update.

Message no. KA465


In the plan, activity
updates are relevant to price determination. The system uses a multi-level
price determination in actual costing. In actual costing, the system already
debited materials and credited the cost centers, and vice versa.

System Response

The system does not
execute revaluation, to avoid posting the credits and debits twice.”