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Nov 06, 2012 at 09:13 AM

Link between Withholding Tax Table and Accounting Doc. Table


Hi Experts,

Has any of you have experience with using table WITH_ITEM (for withholding tax journal).

Currently I am facing a problem where I couldnt find any visible link between the line item in table WITH_ITEM with accounting document in table BSEG/BSIS/BSAS.

- Please refer to below screen cap, document number 1900015254 has two item for tax, line item 4 and 5

- In WITH_ITEM, the respective tax line items, have different line item number compared to the one in BSIS table (line item number 2 and 3)

Entries in BSIS:


Entries in WITH_ITEM:


How do I link those records in WITH_ITEM and BSIS table? I cannot use BUZEI (line item) because they are not the same in both tables.

Kindly advise,