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Nov 05, 2012 at 02:19 PM

Service PO not showing frieght a/c when we do GR


Hi All,

I am doing the service PO. Given FRA1 as 1%..OR enterd some value in frieght condtion (FRB1). and saved the PO. Value is calculating perfectly. Now i do serivce Entry sheet Where in Serivce Pricing there is Fright Condition. I will save the serivce Entry sheet which doesnot have frieght. Saving serivce Entry sheet after acceptance is GR. Now when i see PO history i.e when i check the Mat Doc i can only see Two accounting entries hit "Service charges - debit" and GR/IR - Cridit"...Material document is not generating the Freight account which i have given 1%. This is only happening in SERVICE PO.

BUT in NORMAL PO evrything is fine...{ Pricing Procedure for Normal PO and Service PO is same}

In OBYC setting transaction Event Key "FRE" has not G/L account but Account Key accurals FRA1 has G/L account.

I checked config "account asignment" - "K"...activated "POst del cost seperatly" but it went in vain.

with same pricing procedure / calculation schema Normal PO is showing thr GR/IR for freight but Serivce PO is behaving ODD.

Pls help..