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how to concatenate object data from a subgroup result?

Dear Experts,

I'm looking for a solution for concatenating data of an object from a data subgroup in Web Intelligence XI.

We manage data on contracts, activities, and priority areas. A contract can be linked to one or several activities. An activity is linked to one or several priority areas.

I have a 3 tables in my database:


CONTRACT_idCONTRACT_title1contract 12contract 23contract 34contract 4activity

ACTIVITY_idACTIVITY_titlePRIORITY_AREA_id118activity 1182269activity 2692266activity 2663265activity 2653176activity 1762177activity 1775179activity 1798priorityArea

PRIORITY_AREA_idPRIORITY_AREA_title2Pr.Area 23Pr.Area 35Pr.Area 58Pr.Area 8



I have created the universe with the links between tables and the report. I obtain this report and it's perfect:

CONTRACTACTIVITYPRIORITY AREAContract 1Activity 1182Contract 2Activity 2692Contract 2Activity 2663Contract 3Activity 2653Contract 4Activity 1762Contract 4Activity 1775Contract 4Activity 1798

I would like to know now how to obtain this result:

CONTRACTPRIORITY AREAContract 12Contract 22;3Contract 33Contract 42;5;8

Could you tell me how to do that with webi, or if I have to do a new table in SQL

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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