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Nov 05, 2012 at 10:41 AM

ERS setup in SLES High Availability Extension


Hello All,

I am setting up an NW PI 7.3 (ABAP+J2EE) system in SUSE 11 SP1 with oracle 11 as DB. the HA solution used is the SLE High Availability Extension. Based on the guide "SAP Applications Made High Available on SLES 10" available at SDN I am just preparing what will be required for the cluster setup.

I require some inputs on mounting the ASCS/ERS filesystems and how the master slave configurations will be done for setting up the ASCS/ERS. The filesystem related to ASCS/ERS comes from the SAN/storage device.

Following are the groups which I use in my cluster.

1. dbgroup -> this group will be for the DB with resources setup in following order (SFEX, IPAddr2, LVM, Filesystem, SAPDatabase).

2. ASCS -> This will be in master/slave mode (IPAddr2, SAPInstance)

3. SCS -> This will be in master/slave mode (IPAddr2, SAPInstance)

4. PAS group -> (SFEX, IPAddr2, LVM, Filesystem, SAPInstance)

I will use the dbgroup and I will mount the DB related filesystems.

For ASCS/ERS filesystems can I mount them in the ASCS using Resource Agents (SFEX, LVM and Filesystems)...?? I like to know if i can configure the the ASCS group as follows-> (SFEX, IPAddr2, LVM, Filesystem, SAPinstance)... will this cause any problems because of the master/slave mode..??

If possible can i create these filesystems(/usr/sap/SID/ASCS...) as OCFS2 and mount them parallely in all the nodes..?? Does SAP support this or..??

Kindly provide me some inputs.

Thanks so much!