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SNC fails after SSFS for Oracle and Oracle Client 12 has been enabled

Jan 04, 2017 at 02:52 PM


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After we enabled SSFS for Oracle, our SNC setup fails with the following error:

(The XXXX are substituing our internal system data)
deactviating SSFS and running Oracle Client 11 seems to resolve the issue.

We are not using the licensed SSO, but only kerberos snckrb5 adapter and the msi, which was previously available in note 1848999.

File "/usr/lib/snckrb5.o" dynamically loaded as external SNC-Adapter. The SNC-Adapter identifies as: External SNC-Adapter (Rev 1.0) to Kerberos 5/GSS-API v2 SncInit():  found:  snc/identity/as=<XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX> *** ERROR => SncPAcquireCred()==SNCERR_GSSAPI  [sncxxall.c 1465] GSS-API(maj): Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information GSS-API(min): No principal in keytab matches desired name Could't acquire ACCEPTING credentials for name="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" FATAL SNCERR -- Accepting Credentials:  "krb5"  (0x0002) not available! <<- SncInit()==SNCERR_GSSAPI sec_avail = "false" ***LOG R19=> ThSncInit, SncInitU ( SNC-000004) [thxxsnc.c  240] *** ERROR => ThSncInit: SncInitU (SNCERR_GSSAPI) [thxxsnc.c  242]
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1 Answer

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Former Member Oct 11, 2017 at 02:13 PM

Hi Tomas,

Could you resolve your problem?.


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