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Nov 03, 2012 at 04:53 PM

Import Location Not Found (using SAP HANA along with AWS)



I was able to load the SFLIGHT data into the AWS EC2 instance. I followed Part 5 of the set up (used Putty, used the link for the

After loading this, I tried to create SFLIGHT tables in the studio by selecting the main menu FILE > Import.

Then I selected Catalog Objects. The studio does not display the screen where I can select the SAP HANA system. I get this screen and error message instantly. If I type in the path, nothing happens either. The NEXT button is just grayed out.

Any suggestions on how I can I get this to work? This is odd because the EXPORT function is able to recognize the SAP instance that I have. Appreciate your help. Thanks.


pastedImage_2.png (21.6 kB)