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Former Member
Nov 02, 2012 at 03:25 PM

ABS Calculated Key Figure Result Row


I have created a Calculated Key figure ABS(KF1-KF2) - Call it CKF1. However when I ran the query the result row was wrong - it didnt seem to include the absolute statement when calculating the result. However it seemed easily solved by going to Calculations > Calculate Results As > Summation of Rounded Values.

But I then use that CKF1 in another to work out a MAPE figure - in this case the calculated KF is (CKF1/KF2).However in this case the result row doesnt seem to accept that I've set the Calculation of Results to summation on CKF1 and I get the wrong result row total (it's as if it's using the result amount prior to me changing the setting on CKF1).

I've messed with various settings and nothing seems to make a difference.

Has anybody any ideas?

Your help is much appreciated.