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Jul 21, 2005 at 06:25 PM

abap help


hi folks,

I have two questions.

Here is the code.

select knumv kposn kschl krech kawrt kbetr kwert

from konv into table cdata for all entries in adinvoiceitab where konv~knumv = adinvoiceitab-knumv and

konv~kposn = adinvoiceitab-kposn.

loop at cdata into wac where knumv = wa-knumv.

case wac-kschl.

when 'ZRAT'.

if wac-kbetr = ' ' AND wac-kwert = ' '.



p = p / 10.

if p < 1.

rate+0(1) = '-'.


i = p.

c = i.

shift c right deleting trailing '-'.

concatenate rate c '%' into rate.

condense rate no-gaps.

MOVE rate to w_accitab-zrate.

clear rate.

MOVE wac-kwert to w_accitab-zsubtotal.


Here I loop the data (numeric value) and convert it to character, concatenate % to the number.

My question is if the numeric value is 0 the internal table value should be blank because the value '0' is displaying in the form and I do not want that value.

How to do that?

Second question : From the query it is clearly evident that I am getting the records for various condition types from table KONV the important fields for me is 'kbetr' 'kschl' and 'kwert'.

For this Statement I only want records that have values in 'kbetr' and 'kwert' and how can i modify the query to get only these records and remove the other.

Thanks in advance.