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Nov 01, 2012 at 08:46 PM

Error in Configure LMDB Step while configuring Solution Manager 7.1 initial setup


Hi Guys,

Please help me out.

We have a new Solution Manager 7.1 installed. When I am running solman_setup, I have completed upto step Setup LMDB.

In the Setup LMDB Step, I have Configured Object Server name. When I am clicking on Add for (Syncronization between SLD and LMDB), it opens up a popup window where it automatically pics up

Source URL, :- http://domain:50000/sld/cimom

User id as (solman_admin)

Source Namespace :- sld/active

Rank of Source Namespace :- 1000

Target NameSpace :- active

Rank of Target Namespace :- 2000

Clicking on check everything is fine. When I am clicking on Save or Save and Activate, it gives the below error

Destination LMDB_SyncDest1 does not exist in system

When I am checking in ABAP side in sm59, LMDB_SyncDest1 really exists and connection test is also fine.

Note the following things I have checked and still no luck:-

1. Configured Local SLD in previous step.

2. RFC name is not case sentitive checked that.

3. Deleted the RFC in sm59 and clicked on Save and Activate again from the wizard. Again the RFC LMDB_SyncDest1 created in Abap side but gave same error in Wizard.

4. Users are not locked.

Its kind of urgent, so kindly help.