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Jul 21, 2005 at 02:58 PM

External program communication


Hi all,

For a SAP project I need to establish an connection to an existing Delphi program (Delphi 7), send and receive data in various formats.

After searching the web for info ( I am new to ABAP programming ) I could not find very much info on how to realize this.

I believe that I need to write a RFC-server to handle the RFC's from SAP.

I found the site: which is recommended by a couple of people, but this site only provides the components and examples for connecting to SAP from a Delphi application (or am I missing something?).

An other site I found was⟨uage=English where it is possible to obtain components to write external client- as well as server apllications. With the trial version components, I succeeded to write a server which connects to SAP, receives a function call with parameters and returns some parameters.

Before we purchase the licence for the components I would like to know if this is the way to go, or if there is an other way to realise this.

Greetings Fred.