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Oct 31, 2012 at 02:42 PM

GR into fixed bin with capacity check


Hi Gurus,

My client requirement is

Their 80 % material is stored in Forward pick location and 20% in overstock location. On receipt of any material in 80% , they want to receive the material in the fixed bin and the rest to be moved to overstock (high rack) location.

I have configured the stock placement strategy next empty bin with stock placement indicator directs it in such a way that it first goes to st. type fixed bin (005) and then goes to overstock storage type (001). It works fine if the forward pick (FP) bin is empty. It fills the bin to its maximum capacity and the rest goes to overstock.

Scenario 2:

If the FP bin is half full and the receipt quantity is more than the capacity , it ignores the FP bin, it proposes the overstock location. Client want the system, to fill the remaining capacity and the excess goes to overstock location as we do not have enough locations for these materials in high rack area and it unnecessarily occupies the space and inefficient as it does not urtilize the remaining space in FP bin.

Any idea how to configure this? Is this standard?

Appreciate your comments.