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Jul 21, 2005 at 11:41 AM

Changes in VEDA record have no effect in userexit in VA42.


Hi all

First of all, I'd better say hi....<b>HI</b> !

I'm new to ABAP programming, I have recently converted my religious beliefs from COBOL.

(So please be gentle with me!) 😊


In VA42 (Change Media contract : Contract data) I wish to

evaluate what the user selects in the "Reason for cancellation" field (VEDA-VKUEGRU). if the user picks something "wrong" according to his/her contract obligation, I display an error and I would like to clear the cancellation field. (VEDA-VKUEGRU)

So far so the problem is that no matter in which userexit I place my code, the cancellation field does NOT get cleared ! I have debugged the system until my fingres bleed, but to no avail. The problem seems to be that the function SD_VEDA_SELECT contains the GLOBAL field that is used in the screen and the field that I clear is just a local one (I have tried clearing the field in both VEDA, XVEDA & YVEDA).

The field does get cleared when I do a "Clear VEDA-VKUEGRU", but as soon as the function SD_VEDA_SELECT has been called, the field again contains the original value.

ANY insights would be greatly appreciated!