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Jul 21, 2005 at 11:36 AM

AddOn Menus and changing the company


Hello forum,

I've written a little class (.NET) for adding and removing the menus of an AddOn (SBO 2004A).

Now I want to handle the behaviour of the AddOn Menus when changing the company (I test with 'Choose Company->Other' and logging in with the same(!) User and Company which raises the aet_CompanyChanged-Event so I think this is OK for testing).

It seems to me that there are some differences between 'Modules' and other SBO-Mainmenus:

- Under 'Modules' SBO removes AddOn Menus automatically when changing the company

- Under 'other SBO-Mainmenus' SBO does NOT remove the visibility(!) of AddOn Menus automatically when changing the company but the corrosponding AddOn-MenuUIDs are lost(?).

Because of the lost Menu-UID I don't know how to check if the AddOn Menus exists and remove them after Company Change.

Out of Modules my menu-class always don't find the Menu-UIDs of still visible Menus and add them again and again on every companyChange.

I wish there would be also a 'before_Action' for ApplicationEvents to remove the AddOn Menus.

How do you handle this problem?

Thanks in Advance