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Oct 31, 2012 at 09:41 AM

PA42 Fast Entry For Action


Hi All,

I have configured the PA42 process and it updates some infotypes, but others are not updated.

The issue is with IT0006 and IT0009.

In View V_T588D :

If subtype is maintained (e.g. 0 for IT0009) , the infotype comes up with empty fields instead of filling the entries from PA42 screen.

INS 0009 Bank Details 0

If the subtype is not maintained, the infotype gets updated with entries from PA42.

INS 0009 Bank Details

The Infogroup is also used for PA40.

Is there a way that the Infotype can be updated with data from PA42 whilst the subtype for the infotype is maintained in V_T588D.