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Oct 31, 2012 at 01:17 AM

SAP APO PPDS - Resource planned order


Hi experts SAP,

I am looking for your help, in APO we are using PDS with alternative modes, we activated the BADI CUSLNTRTO_ADDIN because we need that every PDS has different modes (each mode is one version in R/3) for the scheduling. With this we are looking that the PPDS Optimizer considers all alternative resources.

The problem that we are facing is the following:

When we populate manually a planned order with the transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3 for a product with several PDS and we select one of them, the system records the planned order with the PDS that we selected, but with the resource that has the best priority, sometimes the resource with the best priority is different to the resource of the PDS

Due to the previous situation the planned order is reported in different resources:

- In APO (RRP3) in the resource assigned for the system (with the best priority)

- In R/3 (CM01) in the resource of the PDS

How can I get both or one of the following points?

- The transaction RRP3 selects the resource of the selected PDS and no the resource with the best priority

- In R/3 the transaction CM01 reports the planned order in the resource assigned to the order and no in the resource of the production version

Best Regards