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Oct 30, 2012 at 09:21 PM

Quicksizing for ABAP Proxy sattelite systems interface


Hello Colleagues,

I was checking on the SAP quicksizer project we have for PI and I wonder how can we have an idea of the number of SAPs that will be necessary for the ABAP Proxy clients (satellite systems) that we integrate with PI using the XI protocol. The idea is to calculate the number of SAPs not only for PI, but also for all the satellite systems that integrate with PI in this interface scenario.

I believe that for high volume scenarios, this can make a diffence. What would be the best way to go? Should we create another specific sizing project for the ABAP clients using XI protocol only? I believe that we will come up with a number of SAPS, and memory for both ABAP and J2EE instances, but I also believe that in this case, the quicksizer considers, in its calculations, that the messages would be passing through a PI system, that is, not only passing through an Integration engine (as it is for standalone ABAP proxy clients), but also, through all PI pipeline steps. this all influentiate on the number of saps we get as a result of a PI quicksizing project.

The point is what we do int terms of the satellite systyems. For these, II see three possibilities:

1. Ignore the load on sattelite systems Integration Engine (not sure if this would be good, as I think this may play a difference in high volume scenarios)

2. Consider the sizing for the interfaces using XI adapter in a PI quicksizing project and consider the obtained amount of SAPs as an estimation (even though it may be an overestimated number, as we have no pipeline steps in satellite systems Integration Engines)

3. Consider half of the number of the calculated sizing for PI system.

Do you guys see any other possibilities?

Thanks and regards,