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Oct 30, 2012 at 07:41 PM

Synchronize device with the Unwired Server


Hi experts,

I'm developing an offline native application in Android, but i have one question about this scenario.

When i'm working on-line I make the follow

1.- SUP101DB.createdatabase()

2.- SUP101DB.synchronize()

So, when i'm working with the local database, previously i get the values from the EIS for example:

EIS local database

Customer Customer

Michael Devlin Michael Devlin

Now, i'll change the data from the device: "Devlin" for "Devlin2". But simultaneously i changed in the EIS

"Michael" to "MichaelNew".

Finally, i'm trying to do the follow SUP101DB.beginSynchronize(sgs, "", uploadOnly)

How ever, it didn't refresh the data in the EIS.

PS: If i omit the step of : change in the EIS "Michael" to "MichaelNew", it works fine.

I don't if someone could explain to me what's happening or provide me some document.