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Oct 30, 2012 at 07:45 PM

Plant Abroad vs Triangular Trade



I am working on a shipping/tax scenario that I could use help with.

The company has a plant physically located in Germany with shipments made direct to customers in Netherlands and Belgium. Since our sales force is located in Netherlands and Belgium, the sales are considered domestic and as such we must apply VAT according to standard rules. Currently we have a plant and sales org in SAP for Netherlands (although no physical plant) with the NL address. We are adding Belgium and would like to use the same plant/sales org setup instead of creating new ones. We have setup separate storage locations for the NL and BE shipments with appropriate addresses within the SAP NL plant.

The problem becomes that BE is not recognized as a departure country. I think we can find a way around with user exits, however I would think we could do this using standard SAP. I have done some reading about the Triangular Trade in EU but I am unclear how many company codes must be involved to make this work. I have also been looking at Plant Abroad and wonder if this could work as both NL and BE are within the same company code. If we did use Plant Abroad would we need to actually create a BE plant?

Any suggestions or advice anyone has regarding Triangular Trade or Plant Abroad would help.

Thanks in Advance