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Oct 30, 2012 at 06:24 PM

Getting #UNAVAILABLE with BICS connection


Hi all,

I have a WEBi document with BICS connection. In this, I have a cross-tab with two measures and one dimension in column and two in rows. When I create input control using a dimension that is not part of the cross tab, one of the measure goes #UNAVAILABLE. This happens to a specific measure I have. None of the other measures get affected like this.

Adding details of dimension used in input control is not an option as it expands the cross tab, opening up more rows than required.

If I create universe, I am able to change aggregation to SUM from Database Delegated and I never get #UNAVAILABLE on WEBi document.

I understand that there is no way to do such manipulation in IDT using BICS connection.

Next, I browse the metadata using my BICS connection and I notice that there is a property called MES_AGGREGATOR (measure aggregator??). For my two measures, this property has two different values 1 & 9. Value is 1 for measure that never gives me #UNAVAILABLE error, but for measure I get this error (is it really an error?), the value is 9.

Other properties that are there,

IDT does not allow me to change values.

Does anyone know?

  1. Where this value is coming from?
  2. What value 1 & 9 stands for?
  3. Where this property value can be changed in BW?

Thank you