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Jul 21, 2005 at 08:55 AM

SAP Information portal in PHP


Marilyn emailed a couple of weeks ago and asked if I had any ideas I wanted to write about. I have been doing a lot of Linux consultancy over the past few weeks, and I'm also neck deep in a network monitoring solution. So I have been a bit distracted.

I do have an idea which I would like to share with everyone. it also highlights the power of the combination of PHP and SAP.

I'm currently designing an application which will create a information Portal based on SAP information.

Imagine a web application which has modules of data convey information regarding each aspect of a business's performance. Each module has permissions and roles as to who can consume and manipulate it. The ACL & roles could be pulled from SAP or even LDAP/ADS.

The modules then present themselves by several different presentation methods, PDF, XML,SMS and FLASH.

Each user logs into the application and consumes modules according to what is applicable to job roles.

Can you picture what I'm saying.

Now here is the killer bit. Imagine plotting SAP based data using FLASH. Not only could you create a really rich presentation system, you could also make it interactive and create some sort of Zoom in feature to increase the granularity of the data presented.

Here are the key ingredients which I'm considering

Article showing how to connect FLASH & PHP

My Favorite Application Framework

And of course the SAPRFC extenstion.

What do you think?

Wouldn't this make a killer app or what ?

It's just an idea at the moment. I have not started work on it as yet.