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Oct 30, 2012 at 02:26 PM

FM Value Type 60 - Document not liquidated after account assignment change


We recently encounted the following situation.

An invoice was entered and parked and was determined to have been entered against the wrong PO.

The AP clerk corrected the invoice, updating it with the correct PO number and account assignment. This is apparently not an unusual occurrance and normally updates with no issues.

In this instance, however, everything updated correctly with the exception of the original parked document commitment.

A new document with value type 60 was created with the new account assignment, liquidating the commitment for the new PO. The original PO was correctly updated with the commitment amount being restored. The PO history is reflected correctly on both POs, so that updated properly.

The invoice was subsequently posted, liquidating the newly created parked document and creating an invoice document with value type 54.

The original value type 60, parked document with the incorrect account assignment still remains. It doesn't show on either PO history, but does show on the Accounting Documents list for the invoice.

How do we get rid of this document? It is an error that needs to be reduced to zero.