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Jul 21, 2005 at 06:56 AM

SLD of SneakPreview Slim Edition


I installed the latest SneakPreview Java Slim Edition and

have already successfully managed to finish some tutorials.

In the TutWD_FlightList tutorial I need for the first

time a connection to a RFC Module of a SAP System through the SLD.

My Problem:

I am not able to do the following as suggested in the


a) http://localhost:50000/sld -> Requested Resource not found

b) In Visual Administrator:

CIM Client Generation Settings -> Failed to generate CIM Client

My Questions:

a) Am I able to execute this tutorial with SLIM Edition?

a) Does the SLIM Edition include SLD?

b) What are the correct settings in CIM Client Generation?

c) Does the SLIM Edition include a (mini) SAP R3?

d) How to connect with SAPGUI to this (mini) SAP R3?