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Oct 30, 2012 at 08:01 AM

Path of a file to a location in KM



1) I need to understand the difference between two different ways of using the same path (link) that is used to fetch a document from a repository.

a) HREF="/irj/go/km/docs//docs/test_pages/images/voila.png"


b) href="http://mydevelopmentserver:50100/irj/go/km/docs//docs/test_pages/images/voila.png"

I read in a post somewhere that the a) path above can be used in place of b) above. This means that I do not have to give the server details in the code. However when I use the a) path above (without the server name and details), the code is not able to locate my file and throws an error. It runs fine with the b) path above when I give the server details.

Request if the experts can help me in understanding the above.

2) What is the significance of giving a double slash (/) after "docs" in the path to a file location as below.