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Former Member
Oct 30, 2012 at 07:04 AM

Suppress "Profile Not Found" error and display custom message on ESS Portal


Hi Gurus,

When an ESS Employee logs into his/her portal and navigates to time write, if the CVR parameters are not found, there is one standard error message "Profile ESS not found" being triggered. Instead of this, our requirement is to suppress this and display our custom message.

While doing so, there are three errors getting displayed. "Profile ESS not found", "I::000", and my custom message. I just want my custom error message.

Have enhanced the WDA HRESS_C_CATS to clear those error messages under method --> OVERRIDE_EVENT_OVP by passing the below piece of code.

{code}CLEAR wd_assist->gt_messages.{code}

But no luck. Please help me out in this issue. HAVE CHECKED SCN THREADS, BUT NO WHERE FOUND THE RELATED ONE.


-Wahid Hussain Syed.