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Oct 29, 2012 at 09:05 PM

Challenge getting Connectivity from Cloud Connector to NW Cloud account


I have successfully exercised the NW Cloud trial account, deploying some basic applications. Next, I have successfully installed the Cloud Connector. After my initial login/password change on the Cloud Connector, I am presented with a window asking for NW Cloud Account credentials. I enter my basic credentials (confirmed that they have worked since I used them to deploy to NW Cloud Account from Eclipse). But, the credentials are not accepted (see attached). The UI does not let me get past this until connectivity is confirmed.

I have not set up and destinations on either side yet since I can't successfully get past this screen.

I have attempted to confirm that our firewall is not blocking outbound requests.

First, I would ask to confirm what ports we are dealing with (i.e. what is the cloud connector target ports).

I have reviewed the Developer Guide - with no luck. We are not using proxies either.

I also want to confirm that this is possible with a trial account (opposed to needing a beta account or other).

I would appreciate any additional recommended troubleshooting or insights with this.

Cheers! Todd