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Oct 29, 2012 at 08:52 PM

XXPASSNET SY-SUBRC expected values



I'm new to ABAP and am working on a small application that makes use of function WWW_USER_AUTHORITY for authenticating users. The function worked fine until we updated our password requirements such that they must include a number and symbol.

The problem is that when the password is encoded via XXPASSNET the SY-SUBRC values come back with codes unhandled by WWW_USER_AUTH_MESSAGE.

For instance, I have seen the SY-SUBRC values 36 and 44 returned from XXPASSNET.

My question is where is the list of possible return values from XXPASSNET and what do these return values mean?



P.S. I know of ISA_INTERNET_USER function and that has exactly the same problem as what I'm experiencing as my code is basically a copy of that with some additional actions taken after the code in ISA_INTERNET_USER is processed.