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Oct 29, 2012 at 03:34 PM

Issues transporting changes to an infoobject


Hi Experts

I'm working with PM data model.. Model is developed and deployed to production.

A request was made to change the description of 1 attribute of object Equipment

This were the changes made in developement, that were sucessfull

ZABC - description ABC -> changed description to DDD, activated object sucessfuly

0EQUIPMENT, tab attributes -> changed the description of attribute ZABC from descriprion ABC to descriprition DDD. Activated successfuly

Runned my master data process chain, and my transactional data process chain. All went well

I've transported my transport order that included this changes into quality and I got the following error

Text Table /BI0/TEQUIPMENT contains data: Characteristic 0EQUIPMENT cannot be activated

If i managed to activate obejct in dev with no problem, why do i have this error with the activation of that object?

Can anyone provide any help

Many thanks