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Oct 29, 2012 at 01:39 PM

How stop Unbilled Shipments postings being made on credits



We have implemented the Unbilled Shipments solution described in the FICO expert article Knowledgebase » Volume 1 (2002) » Issue 4 (April).

These are the main steps involved. More details are in the article.

Step 1: Create an "Unbilled Shipment" G/L Account Master

Step 2: Link the "Unbilled Shipment" G/L Account # to the "Goods Issue to Delivery" Transaction

Step 3: Create and Enable a Copy of SD Condition Type VPRS

Step 4: Create and Enable a New "Account Key"

Step 5: Update Your SD Pricing Procedure(s

Step 6: Create a Cost Element Master for Your Cost of Goods Sold Account

This is, in the main, working well, including in intercompany situations where one Company Code/Sales Org sells stock from another.

However, when we make credit or debit postings, which are price corrections only, unbilled shipment postings are still being made. How can I stop this happening?