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Oct 29, 2012 at 09:55 AM

SAP NOte for standard Drop Down field STRUCT.DELI_SERV_TYPE in Component



We have a standard field DELI_SERV_TYPE in table ADDRC_DELI_SERV provided by SAP. IN the component BP_ADDR -> ( View) BP_ADDR/StandardAddress -> STANDARDADDRESS ( COntext Node ) -> (Attribute) STRUCT.DELI_SERV_TYPE

has GETETR and SETTER Method defined.

But in some other component, IUICMD -> ( VIEW ) IUICMD/CreatePerson ->( COntext Node ) PERSONSTANDARDADDRESS -> ( Attribute )STRUCT.DELI_SERV_TYPE

the same attribute has no GETTER and SETTER method defined.

Is there any SAP Note which we can implement so that in every component where ever this attribute is used, GETTER and SETTER methods gets created..

I have found this SAP NOTE 1619678 but its not of use for our release ... we are running on EHP2

Can one pls help me !!! ...

Kindly help !!