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Oct 29, 2012 at 12:42 AM

NWBC.exe Parameter Options



Can someone point me in the direction of where I can find the parameter options for NWBC.exe? In particular, I am looking for a method of selectively starting NWBC.exe with different NwbcOptions.xml files.

In the SAPLogon world, "saplogon.exe /INI_FILE=" can be used to start saplogon with a ".ini" file of your choice. For example,

saplogon.exe /INI_FILE="C:\ temp\MysaplogonA.ini"

saplogon.exe /INI_FILE="C:\ temp\MysaplogonB.ini"

Similarly, in NWBC I'd like to be able setup two different shortcuts to NWBC.exe:

1. One shortcut that accesses our Production System with automatic SSO.

2. Another shortcut which presents a list of systems to chose from (i.e. our DEV and Test systems).

My understanding is the NwbcOptions.xml file contains the list of possible systems as well as a setting to indicate if an option should be automatically chosen (i.e. <AutologonMode>True</AutologonMode> ). I can create files named NwbcOptions-PROD_SSO.xml & NwbcOptions-All_Systems.xml, but how do I pass one of these files to NWBC as a parameter?

I am using NWBC version 4.0