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DATA is not saving?


I have developed a interactive form as an UI element of WDA (WebDynPro w/ ABAP), well.

I have a WDA's view, where in i placed some push buttons of WDA UI elements on the top part of view and on the bottom part is with Interactive form UI element, as shown in the below pic.

Say, it got launched the form on the IE browser (i am launching the form with some prepopulated, defaulted data on the form, for example, say, i have a USER_NAME field on the form, then, am pulling the logged in user name from SAP's user master record and am populating the USER_NAME field of the context, and there by defaulting the USER_NAME field on the form, say, USER_NAME value is MY_USER ) and then the user entered the data (text field, Drop-down, check box) on the form, say user changed the MY_USER to MY_USER_CHANGE on the USER_NAME field, in next step the user pressed the 'SUBMIT_WDA' button (pls. note this is NOT the submit button of provided by either Adobe or SAP. I have put a custom button on the WDA view)

Bcz of binding, the data is transferring from interactive form fields to into my WDA / SAP, for example MY_USER_CHANGE, well, so i can process the user eneterd data.

But, when user pressed the SAVE (on the adobe form provided by standard Adobe) button, the form is saving on local PC, well, but its not holding / carrying / saving the user entered data, bcz when user opened the saved offline form, he/she don't see any eneterd data on the form, except MY_USER!

i mean, user can see only prepopulated defaluted data, like MY_USER.

If user changed this value from MY_USER to MY_USER_CHANGE, then, but still the offline form is having only MY_USER!

But, if user interacted with the form (like, by changing / entering / deleting the data on the form) PRIOR to pressing the Adobe's SAVE button, then am all set, i mean, latest data is savong on the offline fomr

In the worst case, i can user RESET_VIEW method in WDDOMODIFY hook method, but its very very ugly

Pls. help that where is the wrong and how can i fix it?

Thank you

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1 Answer

  • Oct 31, 2012 at 08:06 PM

    Any help pls?


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