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Jul 20, 2005 at 08:15 PM

.NET Connector BAPIs and CommitWork and Wait



I am experiencing timing issues calling Bapi_Salesorder_Change immediately after executing Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat1 in a .NET Connector v2.0 environment.

Bapi_Salesorder_Change returns an error that the sales order does not exist (yet) and therefore fails updating the data. I suspect transaction commit has not yet completed in the SAP system of the Bapi_Salesorder_Createfromdat1 call since this error only occurrs sporadically (s. Problems with BAPIS an Commit Work)

Since there is no support for CommitAndWait in .NET Connector v2.0 (s. Exception: "Method xyz can not be reflected." in .Net Connector 2.0) I wonder what the best implementation strategy is in this case ?!

Is there a possibility to use a "SET UPDATE TASK LOCAL" approach from the .NET Connector ?

Thanks for any hints,

Andreas Koschinsky

P.S.: Sorry, posted this message originally under the wrong forumID