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Oct 26, 2012 at 02:34 PM

stop HANA services


Hi Expert

I had HANA database installed on SLES 11 successfully (finally!!). The machine has 12G memory and 900+G disk space. Well, finally I can bring it up with HANA Weekstore 42. However, HANA eat up all of the memories once all services are running (Well, except the statisticsserver).

I don't know what the minimal memory hana required? someone please tell me, I googled around but couldn't find the exact number.

Here is my question.

Is it possible to stop one of the services?


For example, can I stop the xsengine if I don't need it so far?

When I tried to kill xsengine, the deamon brought it up automatically, there must be some configuration to stop it.

Basically what I want is to cut down the useless services and make sure my hana box running fine. Otherwise, outofmemory will throw out.

* 129: transaction rolled back by an internal error: Out of memory $REASON$ SQLSTATE: 40000

Please kindly help.




hana.PNG (19.6 kB)
landscape.PNG (32.2 kB)