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Oct 26, 2012 at 01:09 PM




I am trying to understand the BPMpatternCollectMessage which is inside the SAP Basis SWC.

1. Here there is a FORK ( with 2 branches and necessary branches = 1 )

2. In one branch there is an infinite loop which keeps on collecting messages ( START messages )

3. There is a second branch which has a receive step which receives a STOP message...

i.e. the collection of the START messages in first branch should stop when the STOP message in second branch arrives

4. Transformation step to collect the START messages and then SEND step

My question is -

1. here the correlation is defined between START message in the first branch and STOP message in second branch

So a new BPM instance should be created only when the field ( ID ) of the START and STOP message is same

So how in this case a separate instance is created when field ( ID ) in one START message matches with another START message

and not STOP message

2. What is the significance of "neccessary branches = 1 " as the fork will be completed only when the STOP message arrives...

so neccessary branches = 2 should also work ....Isn;t it ??