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Jul 20, 2005 at 07:27 PM

Problem with Top Level and Detailed Navigation ...


I'm having a really strange problem relating to top-level navigation and detailed navigation. I started working with the portal a couple of months ago, and managed to change the number of levels in the TLN bar from two to one and the detailed navigation panel from three to two. I was successfull in getting this to work.

Now, I want to change these values back to there initial value, and for some reason, I am unable to get the changes to work. I have followed the three steps as indicated in the administrators guide on the SAP help portal (1. Change the properties for the top-level navigation; 2. Open "desktop innerpage" and change the properties for the detailed navigation; 3. Change the properties for the content area).

Furthermore, I have noticed some interesting things happening. When I open the default framework page, and go to edit the Top-Level Navigation properties, I now see the "number of display levels" attribute twice, with two seperate values, the old one and the new one. When I refresh the property panel a second time, I now only see the attribute once, but I see only the old value. The same thing seems to be happening for all of the other properties that I have recently changed related to this.

Even stranger is that when I select the preview button, the portal looks like I would expect it to look. However, when I log out and log back in, the portal is not changed. I have cleared my history and temporary internet files in IE.

Any suggestions are welcome!